Tony Reategui, born October 3, 1995) is a Peruvian Pop/R&B singer, songwriter. ;D
An old soul is the last thing you would expect
Tony Reategui inside. But all you need is a listening
the phenomenon of 15 souls singing years to realize that
that is light years away.

"I started singing about two years ago," says
Peru native who grew up a child alone in Moyobamba
San Martin.

"Tony began singing at age 13, I enjoy singing and writing my own songs"
I grew up listening to pop music like Michael Jackson, Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Usher and many more artists, I also like listening to country music, R&B and rock, the music is very shocking to me.

Tony Reategui expected growth in local and national music, so also with a little luck to succeed in international music, "would be excited to meet these targets," and I could hear my songs on the radio, and seeing that people also hear and identify with my lyrics.

A virtually untapped natural artistic talent,
Tony Reategui is preparing to be a strong force in music
for many years to come. "I wish you all appreciate my music because I really show my heart and what I feel when
I sing, and not corny, "he says." I think I can
grow as an artist.
Just think, you just start.